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IMPORTANT: Please note, this book is a digital book only in PDF format.


'(Sorry I Was Miles Away) In the Year of Romance'

by Lucas Jones


42 poems.


'(Sorry I Was Miles Away)' In the Year of Romance' is Lucas Jones' debut book of poetry. Originally published and released in late 2023, the book very quickly became a viral phenomena, with Lucas' readings gaining over 16 Million views across social media.


The book has since become one of the hottest additions to bookshelves across the world. Now availale in digital format for the first time.




1. Love Letter You Did it Baby, You’re My Favourite Album

2. She gets grief haircuts, I do this
3. I forgive you
4. It Never Was the Perfume

5. Shoes / A&E
6. Mary Gibbs (from a children’s film)
7. Sad Memes
8. America for the Summer
9. It’s Not Love Bombing if it’s Forever

10. (Poem to keep your person safe)
11. Dead Family Visiting Dream
12. Pins and Needles
13. DDLG
14. Wedding Song
15. You’re at the rave, you’re fast asleep
16. olive / alice
17. Pauline
18. All the vegetarian girls

19. [_Press_Release_.pdf]
20. Paw Prints in Snow
21. Lover’s Prayer
22. Wrap Party
23. Accent’s Gone Weird
24. The Half
25. Untitled #4
26. Shia LaBeouf on Jon Bernthal at random

27. my fiancé before she was walks in
28. Film and Television
29. [last thoughts on sex]
30. the hottest club in Disney Land
31. They Live Forever, These Movies
32. Bambi, that’s a nickname
33. Easter Egg Quiz: Goldilocks
34. some good news if you wish you were dead

35. X marks her cheek
36. Brooklyn, then you, then Manhattan
37. Grief Poem
38. Since you Moved to LA
39. Angel (investor)
40. some filthy little dragon
41. TMZ
42. My Work Here is Done


(Sorry I Was Miles Away) In the Year of Romance | (Digital Book)

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