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IMPORTANT: Please note, this book is a digital book only in PDF format.


'That's How You Kill the Sun' (2022)
by Lucas Jones


22 poems.


'That's How You Kill the Sun' is Lucas Jones' lost, first book of poetry. Originally published and released in 2022, less than 50 copies were ever printed as the book was lost to the public for almost two years due to a internet error.


Now available exclusively as a digital book.





1. america
2. XI
3. Father, Father
4. you exist in cartoon
5. we are monsters
6. you might cry
7. open legs
8. six week holiday
9. human gaze
10. did it for you
11. they last forever
12. sweetheart
13. all she wrote
14. lunar
15. now listen here you
16. 'come in' she said (for Bob Dylan)
17. you will be erased
18. hands on hips
19. honey
20. 2010
21. IIII
22. here's what I'll do

That's How You Kill the Sun | (Digital Book)

  • - High Quality PDF (Locked - Non printable)
    - 20 Pages

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